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Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Dance in New York City with the NCPC

An evening of Storytelling, Prayers, Entertainment, Fellowship & Silent Auction

Save The Date:

TUESDAY, DEC. 8TH, 2015 ~ 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Suggested donation: $20

Synod House of the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine
110th & Amsterdam, NYC


Your Chance To Help Clyde Directly

NCPC Board Member Sean Dill writes: Over the years we've typically shared about NCPC's financial assistance to organizers of The Dance For All People/Naraya, and our support of other Ceremonies, Native culture and Elders. As we observe the DFAP's 25th Anniversary, the NCPC felt it important to communicate Clyde's current life circumstances.

As many of you know it was Clyde who brought the Dance for All People into being along with Dan Blanchard. Yet many challenges and obstacles have had to be overcome through the years. It was our Dance Chief's vision and perseverance that made it possible for it to not only survive but to also thrive.

Since 1991 countless lives have been transformed by the Dance and the work of the seven-going-on-eight communities that host them. Hundreds of folks from all over the world of all ages, genders, and cultures gather around the Tree of Life for the healing and renewal of themselves and the Earth, thanks to many devoted elders and the leadership of our Dance Chiefs.

Clyde's day-to-day life is no different from most folks. He lives in a modest house on the Fort Hall Reservation with his mother Charlotte, and grandson JoAngelo. He works a number of jobs to keep things going as do most householders with a family to support. Like many of us Clyde occasionally struggles to make ends meet. While Clyde is compensated for his work as NCPC's Executive Director, the total amount is at best near minimum wage.

A contribution from you and everyone else today whose life has been touched by the Dance would go a long way to making his situation more healthy and secure to support his many activities in the world.

One way or another, Clyde works hard for NCPC and the Dance For All People every day. He does so by running the NCPC Office; dispersing NCPC grants to Native Elders and organizations in need; counseling the organizers in our dance communities; coaching those who help run Ceremony; mentoring future Dance Leaders; making himself available to those who asks for help in a good way; being "The Face of DFAP" in Native and non-Native settings; and not to forget his unfathomable work with Spirit for the good of us all - Clyde deserves all the material, mental, emotional and Spiritual support we can give!

Please contribute generously via check or PayPal.

Dance For All People News

The Dance For All People web site is a wonderful educational resource for all things related to the Naraya: Dance For All People.

Featured Article: New York Dance For All People 2015

Dec. 10-13, 2015
Olivebridge, NY

The wheel turns, seasons change, spring fades into autumn and winter approaches.
This is all part of the Great Mystery around us.
Time flows, Spirit calls and all that hear are called to dance.
This is all part of the Great Mystery within.


NCPC Sponsors Spirit Wildcat Trip To Canada

At the urging of Clyde Hall and the sponsorship of NCPC and others, Spirit Wildcat went to The International Two-Spirit Gathering in Canada as a LGBT representative. Spirit Wildcat writes:

Finally made it home!! it was a awesome trip to the International Two-Spirit Gathering up in Canada, I made many friends and also brought home the Title of Miss International Two-Spirit!! I feel blessed that I was able to attend and thank you to the NARAYA CULTURAL PRESERVATION COUNCIL (NCPC), Timothy White Eagle and Clyde M. Hall my sponsors for getting me there... oh and I can't forget the people who donated on my Go fund me page. And a big thank you to my family the love and support I get from you every day means so much I love you. Receiving this title I will represent not just my family and my Shoshone-Bannock people but every Two-Spirit young and old along with the LGBT community!

Thank you
Spirit Wildcat
Miss International Two-Spirit XX