Meet The Board
Board Members Share Their Interests

Murray EdelmanMEET MURRAY EDELMAN, PRESIDENT: I want to spend a little time focusing on Clyde Hall, our Executive & Cultural Director, because supporting him was the primary reason motivating me to start the NCPC. One of the great things about Clyde as a teacher is his approachability and willingness to hang out with you. You don't make 20-minute appointment with Clyde and get pronouncements. Instead you hang out with him, share meals and stories, and the teachings just kind of happen... READ MORE >>

Joy LoupeMEET JOY LOUPE, VICE PRESIDENT:  i have been involved in the dance since the first wolf creek dance in 1999. this ceremony, this community quickly became an important part of my life... being a part of the dance for all people has greatly fed my service practice, allowing me to serve a wider community in more expansive ways. i'd like to talk about service... its important to remember to give from a place of abundance. what is most abundant in your life? my definition of abundance is 'enough and some to share'. its up to each of us to know what we have to share, to give, to offer...READ MORE >> 

Mountaine JonasMEET MOUNTAINE JONAS, TREASURER:  Is time going by? Are you and I aging? The calendar (and the mirror) say yes! When I joined the Board several years ago, I felt it was important to increase our outreach to younger people, who might become ceremonial leaders (and elders) in the future. I’m very happy to say this outreach has been going really well.... READ MORE >>

Deb BickfordMEET DEB BICKFORD, SECRETARY:  I am deeply honored to be a member of the NCPC Board as it provides me with an opportunity to support the future of our dances as well as the restoration and preservation of the culture and traditions of the Great Basin people. Recently a request came from the Lillian Vallely School for crafting supplies for the children as they were creating regalia to wear for local gatherings and events... READ MORE >>     

Sean DillMEET SEAN DILL, BOARD MEMBER:  Every Summer hundreds of Natives from many places gather at Bannock Creek, on the Fort Hall Reservation in Idaho for Sundance. All these people need to eat, and NCPC supports the Chief's Camp where a number of volunteers run an outdoor kitchen and dining area where anyone can come for meals, drinks and snacks. NCPC's support of this facility is a major part of its success... READ MORE >>