NCPC Board of Directors
The NCPC Board, with the help and advisement of the Advisory Council, work together to identify worthy Projects and help to bring them to fruition


Executive & Cultural Director: Clyde M. Hall, Shoshone/Metis (Ft. Hall, ID)
President: Murray Edelman, Ph.D. (New York, NY)
Vice-President: Joy Loupe
(Oakland, CA)
Treasurer: Mountaine Jonas (Asheville, NC)
Secretary: Deb Bickford (Parsonsfield, ME)
Board Member: Sean Dill (Devonshire, Bermuda)
Board Member: Timothy 'White Eagle' Turner, Apache (Seattle, WA)

Board Members NCPC

Advisory Council:

Laine Thom, Shoshone/Goshute/Paiute (Colter Bay, WY)
Benson Lanford, Cherokee (Ashland, OR)
Howard C. Rides at the Door, Blackfoot, (Browning, MT)
Barbara Snyder, Washoe/Paiute (New York, NY)
Charles Lawrence, Blackfoot (New York, NY)
Niioie:ren (Eileen) and Otsi'tsaken:ra (Charlie) Patton, Mohawk Nation,
Iroquois Confederacy
(Kahnawa:ke Reserve, Kaniekehaken-Hotinosionni)
David Ti (Portland, OR)

Advisory Council

ThunderCloud, Ojibway (Seattle, WA)
RedTail (Steve) Rickard, Tuscarora (Victor, MT)
Ann Roberts (New York, NY)
Tom Spanbauer (Portland, OR)
Joan Henry, Tsalagi/'Nde/Arawaka (Hunter, NY)
Robert Sink (Lanesville, NY)

Advisory Council 2